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Pflaumer introduces 34 new colorants for polyaspartic polyurea coatings

September 14, 2011

Pflaumer Brothers, Inc., Ewing, NJ has introduced 34 new Terachem 53-Colorants for polyurea polyaspartic coatings used on concrete, metal, wood and other substrates.

The new colorant line is based on Pflaumer’s polyaspartic amines, designated Teraspartic 277 and Teraspartic 292. The Teraspartic amines are used individually or in combination with each other, or together with other amine functional resins or hydroxyfunctional acrylic resins to formulate polyaspartic polyurea coatings with special performance attributes.

Until now, pre-dispersed pigments for polyaspartic coatings were limited to a few standard colors – mostly shades of grey and tan, the company said. The new Terachem 53-Color Concentrates offer a wide range of inorganic, organic and mixed metal oxide pigment dispersions prepared and ready-to-use. Colors include red, yellow, blue, green, black and white, along with various shades of grey and earth-tones.

Also featured in the new line of Terachem 53-Colorants are colorant packs for use on-site by trained, professional applicators. The colorant packs include such choices as quinacridone magenta, light blue, tile red, bright yellow, brown, red shade yellow, quinacridone violet and safety orange. Three shades of grey are offered in the line, and four shades of tan or beige are available.

Polyaspartic coatings are used in high-performance applications requiring fast cure, low VOC, and low odor. These coatings exhibit a combination of flexibility and impact resistance, ideal for use on concrete floors. They can be formulated with no VOCs, no odor, and with a tack-free time of as little as 45 minutes.

Polyaspartic coatings are particularly useful for application on concrete floors in food processing plants to meet USDA regulations and the requirements of UL for the ANSI-NSF 61 Standard. Not limited to temperature extremes in application, polyaspartics can handle rigorous cleaning with chemicals and steam to provide seamless, flexible protection for concrete floors.

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