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3M expands offering of stain resistant additive products

September 16, 2011

Advanced C4 technology resists water and oil-based stains

3M has introduced three new products to its portfolio of stain-resistant additives and sealers for concrete, stone and other porous materials. These products are 3M stain resistant additives and sealers SRA-250, SRA-270 and SRA-450. Derived from 3M’s C4 chemistry platform, the line extension is driven by customer demand for a broader range of stain-resistant solutions. The 3M stain resistant additives and sealers are designed to offer long-lasting protection against both water- and oil-based stains. They offer a viable alternative for many formulators concerned about current supply challenges with some conventional long-chain stain-resistant chemistries. In addition, the newly expanded line provides formulators a wider choice of base polymer, in either a solvent or a water-based solution, to better match their requirements, the company said. 3M stain-resistant additives and sealers can be used on their own, as penetrating sealers or formulated into a variety of coatings, adhesives and other construction materials to add repellency and stain release characteristics.

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