NuSil Technology introduces R-1182 acetoxy-cured, low coefficient of friction silicone coating

October 7, 2011

NuSil Technology LLC, a formulator and manufacturer of silicone compounds for engineering industries, introduced R-1182, a one-part, acetoxy-cured, low-coefficient-of-friction silicone coating.

R-1182 is dispersed in tert-butyl acetate, a non-volatile, organic component solvent. This smooth coating is curable at room temperature and, once cured, chemically bonds to the silicone elastomer substrate, mimicking its mechanical properties. The result is a smooth and durable, yet flexible, non-blocking coating that resists abrasion, static friction and friction from moving, sliding and rubbing parts.

R-1182 decreases the coefficient of friction of a cured silicone surface by an average of 85 percent as compared to a non-coated silicone surface, and has an average contact angle of 106 degrees, the company said.

“In a cured state, silicone has a naturally tacky surface that tends to pick up dust, dirt and grime,” said Brian Burkitt, product director, engineering materials. “For ease of cleaning, R-1182 can be applied to prevent the accumulation of foreign object debris (FOD).”

R-1182 can be used for applications in which silicones come in contact with each other or other surfaces, such as precision molded parts, molded rubber stoppers, O-rings, gaskets, accordions or cables/cable coatings.