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BASF offers Efka 2010 high efficiency defoamer

November 10, 2011

BASF has further strengthened its portfolio of high performance defoamers for industrial coating applications with Efka 2010. The new silicone-free defoamer marks the latest addition to this product class and is suited for use in a wide range of solventborne coating systems. It can be used for pigmented and non-pigmented systems. Formulators benefit from the optimized combination of excellent defoaming efficiency and no influence on gloss, according to the company. The high clarity within the formulation is maintained prior as well as after curing which enables the production of defect-free high quality surfaces for industrial coatings. Efka 2010 is compatible with a variety of different systems including nitrocellulose/alkyd lacquers, 2k polyurethane-, stoving- and acid-cured coatings as well as cold-cured epoxy coatings. The product is primarily designed for formulations for the furniture and flooring segment and is available within Europe, North America and China. Further market applications include the automotive industry.