DSI Introduces EcoWhite Silver coating for incandescent reflectance lamps

November 10, 2011

DSI introduced an enhanced silver coating that provides good reflector performance with increased lumen output and increased color temperature. Patent-pending EcoWhite Silver is a thin film coating with up to five percent measured improved reflection in the 350nm to 450nm region, reducing the blue roll-off in typical, protected silver coatings, the company said. This improvement increases the color temperature for incandescent reflectance lamps and increases the overall efficiency of solar power systems. With rising costs of energy, high performance reflectors are extremely important. Up to 14 percent improved lumen output has been measured for PAR type reflectors (as compared to typical flash aluminium-coated reflectors) using DSI's new EcoWhite Silver. The silver content in DSI's advanced silver coatings are decreased by 50 percent, compared to typical, protected silver reflectors, enabling a savings in material and production expense. With the additional benefit of 14 percent more light, a lower wattage lamp will give the same amount of light as a higher wattage lamp. This results in a savings of both energy and operation costs because less electricity is needed over the life of the lamp.