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Hamamatsu introduces deuterium light source units with ultrahigh brightness

November 10, 2011

Hamamatsu's L11798 and L11799 deuterium light source units offer ultrahigh brightness and ease of use for a wide variety of UV applications such as semiconductor inspection, film thickness measurement, UV-visible spectroscopy, and environmental analysis. These light sources consist of an air-cooled H2D2 deuterium lamp head unit attached to a power supply unit via cable. The H2D2, Hamamatsu's brightest deuterium lamp to date, is 6X brighter than our conventional L2D2 lamps. The improved brightness enhances equipment sensitivity and throughput. In addition, these air-cooled lamps are more convenient and easier to use than water-cooled light sources.

The L11798 series emits UV wavelengths at 115-400 nm, while the L11799 series emits at 160-400 nm. Both types feature an aperture diameter of 0.6 mm and the choice of fan cooling or compressed air cooling. Other features include long service life (1000 hours guaranteed) and excellent short- and long-term stability. The deuterium lamps exhibit a maximum fluctuation value of 0.05% peak-to-peak (short-term stability) and maximum drift value of ±0.3%/h (long-term stability).

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