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JDSU introduces high performance and cost effective pigment

November 10, 2011

JDSU has introduced a new light-diffractive pigment called SpectraFlair Plus 25, a cost competitive solution that provides dramatic effects for products in the automotive, sporting goods, apparel, electronics and product packaging industries. Coating, ink and plastic manufacturers can now offer the pigment as another option to brand managers and designers to generate an effect similar to the appearance of a rainbow flowing over a liquid silver color, according to the company. Proprietary processes from JDSU were used to develop the SpectraFlair Plus 25 pigment that is comprised of thin flakes that are very uniform in size. These unique material characteristics allow the new pigment to provide up to three times the hiding power compared to products in JDSU’s existing SpectraFlair line, reducing the amount pigment required to coat a product and decreasing pigment costs up to 60 percent. Because of its low applied cost, the pigment can be used to enhance a wider range of consumer products. The uniform property also increases the diffractive color of SpectraFlair Plus 25, delivering bright and dramatic effects both indoors and outdoors under various lighting conditions. The new pigment is the first in a series of SpectraFlair Plus pigments developed by JDSU that will come out over the next year in a range of flake sizes enabling designers to customize colors to achieve a desired effect. Variants with smaller flake sizes will provide a satiny finish whereas larger flake sizes will create a more granular or sparkly diamond-like finish. The entire series will maintain a thin flake size to ensure optimum hiding power and efficient applied costs.

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