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Federal Bureau of Prisons uses eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant Nansulate protective coatings

November 30, 2011

Industrial Nanotech, Inc., an emerging global leader in nanoscience energy saving solutions, announced that the company's Nansulate patented thermal insulation and protective coatings are in use by the United States' Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities. Applications for the coatings include steam pipe insulation, duct insulation and heat exchanger insulation. The coatings are a nanotechnology-based liquid form of insulation that offers a cost effective environmentally responsible solution for reducing energy costs said the company. Advantages for insulation and surface protection include low VOC, easy to apply, non-toxic and cannot be torn and cause debris because it is a clear coating that adheres directly to the surface. Nansulate also provides mold resistance, corrosion resistance and ease of installation with a brush, roller or paint sprayer.