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Daimler introduces BASF's iGloss Clearcoat for its OEM coatings

December 19, 2011

Daimler is the first automaker to introduce BASF's new iGloss clearcoat for OEM coatings. At its plant in Bremen, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, SLK and SL models are coated with the scratch-resistant paint.

The clearcoat is the top layer of the automotive finish and provides gloss for the body, as well as protection from stresses such as sunlight or chemicals. The iGloss technology offers all these features and additionally provides high scratch resistance.

"It offers better protection against microscratches, which can come about at the car wash, for example,” said Dr. Matthijs Groenewolt, iGloss developer. “This means car owners can now enjoy that new-car effect for much longer than before."

iGloss combines the advantages of inorganic "hard" materials with those of organic "soft" materials. The hybrid material delivers improved scratch resistance without increasing brittleness. The technology does not require any significant changes in the application process.