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Emerald Latin America introduces Antarol FJ601

December 19, 2011

Emerald Latin America, a subsidiary of Emerald Performance Materials, has introduced a new defoamer—Antarol FJ601—for low-VOC waterborne architectural coatings. Antarol FJ-601 is tailored to meet the needs of coatings manufacturers in the Latin America market. It is based on a hybrid synthetic/mineral oil-based vehicle, is especially effective in providing rapid initial foam knock down, while ensuring persistent foam suppression over time said the company. This defoamer has sufficient stamina to be effective in both the high sheer grind and low sheer let down stages. It is designed for enhanced compatibility in acrylic, acrylic co-polymer and poly vinyl acetate systems. Compatibility is particularly important to avoid the formation of fisheyes and other unsightly defects in the finished coating. Emerald Latin America, SRL is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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