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Novagard receives UL 746E approval for Novagard UV 800-260, a UV curable silicone conformal coating

December 19, 2011

Novagard Solutions, Inc., a supplier of specialty chemical products providing engineered solutions to the automotive, building construction, electrical, medical, general industrial and product assembly industries announces the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. listing of Novagard UV 800-260 to the UL 746E specification under the QMJU2 testing protocol. This UL testing protocol and specification covers test procedures to be used for the evaluation of industrial laminates and other materials for use in fabricating printed circuit or wiring boards. These requirements provide data with respect to the physical, electrical, flammability, thermal, and other properties of the materials that are intended to provide guidance to the material manufacturer, the fabricator, the end product manufacturer, safety and reliability engineers and other interested parties. Consequently, Novagard UV 800-260 is the only UV curable silicone conformal coating to be listed with UL 746E approval for conformal coatings of printed circuit boards and control boards for indoor or outdoor applications said the company.

Testing of Novagard UV 800-260 demonstrates cure with extremely fast processing speeds and also incorporates a secondary, moisture cure chemistry for shadow areas of the coating. The 800-260 UV silicone product is ideally suited in printed circuit board applications of environments of high humidity, low or high temperature extremes or with water immersion. The 800-260 UV cured coating provides protection to the printed circuit board or control board in temperature extremes of -70° to +200° C, is V1 fire rated and maintains excellent dielectric properties. Utilization of a UV curable coating such as 800-260 is superior to heat-cured conformal coatings for printed circuit board applications with significantly higher processing speeds and lower energy requirements than conventional baked oven curing systems. Further, a nitrogen blanket is not necessary during UV curing of the silicone coating since Novagard UV 800-260 cure system is not inhibited by oxygen such as UV curable acrylic coatings.