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Dow offers Avanse ST-410 Binder

January 24, 2012

Dow Chemical Materials (DCM) has introduced Avanse ST-410 binder, a multi-functional acrylic binder that stabilizes the iron oxide pigments necessary for long-term UV resistance. The company has reported that outdoor exposure testing conducted over a three-year period demonstrates that semi-transparent deck stains may last longer than the traditional one- or two-year industry standard when formulated with Avanse ST-410 binder. In addition to longevity, DCM exposure testing demonstrated outstanding erosion resistance, ultraviolet light (UV) protection and excellent long-term adhesion to treated pine decking. Another differentiating characteristic of Avanse ST-410 binder is adhesion to treated deck substrates, which results in fewer early failures on latewood grains. Designed to meet stringent VOC and environmental standards, semi-transparent stains based on Avanse ST-410 technology do not require coalescent or heavy metal driers. The combination of morphology and particle stabilization maximizes the flow and lapping characteristics during application, while building early resistance properties upon drying. As a result, semi-transparent stains made with this binder are easy to apply and enhance the appearance of new or weathered wood with a long-lasting finish said the company.

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