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Dow Coating Materials offers dimethyl carbonate pre-mix for low-VOC concrete coatings

February 8, 2012

Dow Coating Materials has introduced Paraloid B-66 thermoplastic acrylic resin in dimethyl carbonate (DMC), a pre-mix that is ideal for low-VOC concrete sealers. Dow said the Paraloid B-66 acrylic resin family of products features the benefits of ultra-low VOC as supplied, while providing a lower-cost alternative to VOC-exempt products in t-butyl acetate or PCBTF. Forming clear solutions, which air-dry fast to form hard, colorless films displaying block resistance and color retention, the new DMC offering affords coatings manufacturers equal performance with the added advantage of facilitating VOC compliance said the company. Paraloid B-66 DMC also exhibits moderate evaporation rates and should give similar solvent compatibility as Paraloid B-66 resins in xylene and toluene.

“We’ve seen growing interest from our customers for lower VOC alternatives, and with DMC’s classification as a VOC-exempt solvent in qualified areas, we challenged ourselves to offer a pre-mix in DMC that could effectively address their needs without compromising performance,” said Mary Rose Correa, industrial market manager, Dow Coating Materials. “By giving our customers a product already in DMC solution, we’re helping them save time and resources. Paraloid B-66 DMC equates to one less step for formulators and, for applicators, a more reliable product that already addresses VOC compliance. We believe that we’re the first to offer customers this ready-made solution in DMC that is both high performing and cost effective.”

In addition to Paraloid B-66 DMC, Dow Coating Materials offers a full range of solutions for concrete coatings, including Maincote HG-31, a waterborne acrylic for cementitious substrates where water barrier properties are important, as well as a variety of Rhoplex Resins to meet performance needs such as good exterior weatherability, reduced water vapor permeability, dirt resistance, low solvent capability, low odor and APEO-free, being manufactured without the use of APEO surfactants.