Carboline launches Polyclad 975

April 19, 2012

Carboline Company has introduced Polyclad 975, an advanced 100 percent solids epoxy pipeline coating with performance properties designed for corrosion protection of buried steel and ductile iron pipeline exteriors, girth welds or tie-ins. Polyclad 975 epoxy technology can be applied by spray (plural airless or dual cartridge). The companion product Polyclad 975 H is ideal for hand application by brush or roller. The fast setting properties result in quick quality control and return to service. This product is compatible with other pipe coatings such as FBE, coal tar and tape systems, and it also has excellent compatibility with cathodic protection. Cathodic disbondment was tested at temperatures up to 176°F (80°C) with excellent results said the company. Polyclad 975 is an easy to apply system that can be used for field and shop applications. Its fast curing properties allows for quick quality control and backfill of coated pipes.