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Rhodia launches intermediates for paints and coatings

May 15, 2012

Rhodia Polyamide & Intermediates (P&I), a member of the Solvay group, has developed an extended range of novel intermediates exploiting upstream C6 chemistry know-how in the polyamide 6.6 manufacturing chain. As a direct result of the infinite range of intermediates derived and the array of potential end-use market applications, Rhodia is introducing new trademarks and logos for the company's flagship polymer intermediates and derivatives: Rhodiacid and Rhodiamine, a comprehensive range of diacids and amines. These brands will now be used on all commercial and product documentation and packaging worldwide. End-use market applications include paint, coatings and inks, adhesives, surface treatment, aeronautics, marine and wind energy, agrochemical formulations, water treatment, paper industry, leather treatment and asphalt and bitumen in road construction.