Sansin unveils Eco2

May 15, 2012

The Sansin Corporation has introduced new zero-waste solid color exterior and clear interior wood stains called Sansin Eco2. Offered as a limited edition stain while quantities last, Eco2 is available in lava, fescue, adobe and charcoal colors for the exterior and clears for the interior, costing less than half of Sansin Enviro stains. Traditionally, coating manufacturers need to pay for the removal or disposal of leftover stain, which can end up as waste. Sansin decided to create a production process that would move the company towards a zero-waste facility. Sansin designed a manufacturing process that recoups leftover stain without sacrificing the quality of the end product. Eco2 is a product for someone who wants quality stain at a lower price, with the added benefit of knowing that it is recycled and won’t end up harming the environment. Additionally, all four exterior colors are popular shades. The charcoal (black) solid color stain, for example, is popular on woods such as mahogany, for European style homes, and for those seeking a sleek, bold statement on their exteriors the company said.