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Nubirox 300 series presented with Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2012

May 21, 2012

Nubiola has been presented with one of the most influential industrial awards in China, the Ringier Technology Innovation Award for the coatings industry. The award is in recognition of those individuals and companies who have introduced and developed a new idea, a new methodology, a new product or a new technology for manufacturing production efficiency, cost effectiveness, user convenience, which might result in energy savings and more responsible clean manufacturing in the coatings industry.

A panel of independent judges for technical and product excellence has singled out Nubiola's zinc-free anticorrosive pigments, Nubirox 300 Series, for their technological contribution to China’s coatings industry. Nubirox 300 Series, which includes Nubirox 301 and Nubirox 302, are calcium strontium phosphosilicate-based anticorrosive pigments, the latter having an additional organic surface treatment.

Both products provide direct anodic inhibition from the combination of the calcium and strontium cations but also good cathodic inhibition due to the basicity/alkalinity of the silica core the company said. The organic surface treatment used in Nubirox 302 gives improved wetting and compatibility with different binders and reduces the pigment/binder interface. They can be used in a wide variety of water- and solvent-based binders.

Nubiola is a specialized world-wide producer of inorganic pigments, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

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