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NOF Metal Coatings Group launches Geokote

May 24, 2012

NOF Metal Coatings Group has unveiled Geokote, a new range of high-performance topcoats. With the aim of expanding its Plus and Dacrolub range of topcoats, NOF Metal Coatings Group launched the new line and like the other topcoats, Geokote is applied onto Geomet 321 or 500 zinc flake coatings, enabling the increase, with a very thin layer, of the anticorrosion performance of coated parts the company said.

Metallic parts used in the automotive, heavy trucks, railway and windpower industries among others are used in very different environments. The aim with Geokote is to offer new corrosion protection properties such as the resistance to chemicals or repetitive abrasion. The company said Geokote's chemical composition enables it particularly to resist substances that are very aggressive such as those contained in brake fluids.

MGI Coutier, a manufacturer of door check straps for the automotive industry, parts that are highly stressed, wanted to develop a very high performing anticorrosion solution, and in the end relied on two solutions: the application of Geomet 321 Grade A coating and a clear or black Geokote topcoat.

"We wanted a new coating combining both strong corrosion and mechanical resistance," said Sébastien Leclerc, project manager at MGI Coutier. "The Geomet 321 zinc flake coating with a Geokote topcoat provides us with the compromise sought regarding the preservation of the corrosion performance after the numerous mechanical stresses exerted on parts. From the tests performed, we have selected two options: a black topcoat and a clear topcoat."

NOF said the Geokote topcoat is also particularly well adapted for manufacturers and users of fasteners (screws, nuts, tightening clips, etc.) by providing them optimal strength and mountability properties. It enables among other properties the ability to avoid the stick-slip effect when tightening.

The range of Geokote topcoats is available worldwide and can be used with dip or spray processes on the lines of NOF's global applicators network.