Benjamin Moore's Fresh Start Primer and Color Samples have new look

May 29, 2012

Benjamin Moore has given a makeover look to two brand staples on its retailers’ shelves—Fresh Start Primer and Color Samples.

“What’s in the cans is unchanged,” said Chris Connelly, director of product development. “The changes made are purely cosmetic, on the labeling, and incorporated to more accurately define the products and update the visual presentation of the packaging.”

Fresh Start, Benjamin Moore’s primer, has undergone a graphic redo that includes a clearer definition of what each product in this 10-SKU line does. For instance, what formerly was Superior Primer is now High Hiding All Purpose Primer.

“With just this slight tweaking, we’re now communicating the true benefit of this product and helping the retailer help his or her customer understand what differentiates it from other options,” said Connelly.

Key attributes of the product are called out front-and-center on the label, whereas they previously were relegated to a side panel.

As for the Color Samples, the change is significant. When Benjamin Moore introduced this concept in 2004, the samples were packaged in two-ounce jars. Because it was pre-mixed paint, the range of colors offered was limited to only a couple hundred. With the Benjamin Moore palette now exceeding more than 3,500 hues, the pint standard for Color Samples was adopted, and it is an amount that ensures every possible color can be made available for trial and review. As for the labeling, the artwork features a cheery, multi-colored swirl that telegraphs a fun experience inside each can.

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