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Elementis introduces Rheolate 475 HASE rheology modifier for decorative coatings

June 5, 2012

Elementis Specialties has introduced Rheolate 475 for the American decorative coatings market. Rheolate 475 is a solvent-free, hydrophobically modified alkali-soluble emulsion (HASE) rheology modifier for low and zero VOC interior decorative coatings. This advanced technology provides the balance of properties not typically found in acrylic chemistries such as excellent flow and leveling, good sag resistance and good color properties the company said. It also demonstrates very good efficiency across a broad range of binder chemistries.

Key features include excellent paint appearance; excellent flow and leveling while maintaining sag resistance; very good application properties; good efficiency and spatter resistance; low viscosity liquid; easy to handle and incorporate into manufacturing processes; solvent- and APEO-free; low odor, low VOC applications. Rheolate 475 has excellent KU efficiency across a wide range of chemistries the company said. In many formulations the efficiency of Rheolate 475 offers opportunities to lower costs without sacrificing performance. In tinted systems, Rheolate 475 maintains excellent balance of leveling and sag resistance while offering good viscosity stability. This performance is evident across the wide range of binder chemistries. CW