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Lanxess expands worldwide availability of Bayferrox 912 LOM pigments

June 5, 2012

Lanxess is now offering Bayferrox 912 LOM, the yellow iron oxide pigment manufactured at its site in Porto Feliz, Brazil, for sale worldwide. The pigment was launched on the North and South American markets years ago and due to its special product properties has proven effective in paints and coatings applications, primarily for the production of pigment pastes the company said. “In light of the good market prospects, we have expanded our worldwide range to include the Bayferrox 912 LOM from our Brazilian production site. Porto Feliz is an essential component of our global production network and will remain so long-term,” said Roland Flindt, head of the inorganic pigments business unit (IPG) in North America.

Bayferrox 912 LOM is a micronized yellow pigment with very good dispersibility. The pigment’s short, needle-like structure results in an outstandingly low viscosity. With respect to color the pigment resembles Bayferrox 3910 - a yellow pigment well-known throughout the coatings industry - but is somewhat darker and redder as a full shade.

Yellow pigments comprise nearly 30 percent of the worldwide market for synthetic iron oxide pigments. Lanxess offers tailored yellow pigments for almost any application. Besides Bayferrox 912 LOM, other high-performance specialties include Bayferrox 943, for instance, which has a distinctive orangey hue. Also noteworthy is the yellow, low-silking pigment Bayferrox 915 with its unique particle morphology.

Lanxess has an annual capacity of 350,000 metric tons for the production of iron oxide and chrome oxide pigments at sites in Germany, Brazil and China. The environmentally safe iron and chrome oxide pigments in the established Bayferrox and Colortherm product ranges are lightfast, weather-stable and highly resistant to chemicals. The current range of synthetic iron oxide pigments comprises more than 100 shades. The most important customers are the construction industry, followed by the paints and coatings sector.

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