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Oxea launches two phthalate-free, low migration plasticizers

August 15, 2012

Oxea has launched its latest additions to the Oxsoft product range of phthalate-free and non-VOC plasticizers. Marketed under the names Oxsoft Duo 1 and Oxsoft Duo 2, the new products are specifically designed to help manufacturers tackle the challenges concerning migration of plasticizers. Their low migration properties are aimed at increasing the quality and sustainability of end products while their processing properties are further improved, according to the company. Oxsoft Duo is recommended in applications such as the production of wall coverings, floorings, roofings and artificial leather. It is already commercially available with samples available for testing. Oxsoft Duo 1 features an excellent migration profile combined with low viscosity for good processability and better than normal cold temperature properties. Oxsoft Duo 2 gives prominence to a further improved migration profile compared to Oxsoft Duo 1 and has a very good fogging number, but remains easy to process. It is recommended in applications where migration is a concern, but where high viscosity products could cause process issues.