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Huntsman and Alberdingk Boley to extend marketing alliance

September 10, 2012

Five years after Huntsman Polyurethanes teamed up with renewable resource-based polyol producer Alberdingk Boley to co-develop polyurethane solutions for the coatings market, the two companies are taking their alliance to a new level by targeting applications in the adhesives and elastomers markets. When the two companies originally announced their informal partnership in 2007, their shared vision was to champion product innovation in the floor coatings market. The aim was to collaboratively develop new concepts for two-component polyurethane coatings free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Today, solutions based on advanced MDI Surprasec technology from Huntsman Polyurethanes and Alberdingk Boley’s Albodur range of polyols, castor oil-based and solvent-free products are helping to deliver high-performance coatings solutions to customers in Europe, America and the Middle East. The products improve ease of use and deliver technical and operational advantages, as well as complying with strict environmental regulations. Widely used in hospitals, offices, factories, warehouses and other industrial or heavy-duty environments they are particularly useful where high-wear resistance and low-maintenance are essential requirements.