AkzoNobel introduces Metaflex SP 1050 pre-treatment for aerospace coatings

September 17, 2012

A new chrome free pretreatment for the commercial aircraft maintenance market is being presented at MRO Europe by AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings. Under the name Metaflex SP 1050 Pre-treatment, the chrome free, water-based product is the most recent addition to the Metaflex brand. Metaflex SP 1050 Pre-treatment offers corrosion protection through increased adhesion of paint on metal, meeting the rigorous anti-corrosion requirements of AMS 3095. Recognized as a universal pre-treatment for commercial aircraft maintenance, Metaflex SP 1050 Pre-treatment can be applied over several metals and composite. Furthermore, it improves adhesion of the paint system on rivets, compared to traditional conversion coatings and wash primer pre-treatments. A solution to simplify the aircraft maintenance process, the system brings time and cost saving benefits to the paint shop and an innovative approach to the way surface pre-treatment products are utilized in the repainting process the company said. Reduced VOC emissions by as much as 75 percent offer an additional advantage, resulting in a non hazardous, odorless product.

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