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BASF showcases solutions for the Chinese motorcycle market

October 5, 2012

 BASF will showcase its extensive portfolio of solutions for the Chinese motorcycle market at the 11th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition, Asia’s largest motorcycle trade exhibition, in Chongqing from October 11 to 14, 2012. 

“As the world’s No. 1 chemical supplier to the mobility industry, our goal is to meet the requirements of two-wheeler manufacturers and their suppliers for quality consistency, safety, cost competitiveness, vehicle performance and environmental protection. Our leading-edge intelligent and sustainable solutions have been developed towards achieving this goal,” said Andy Postlethwaite, head of team automotive Asia, BASF.

At CIMAMotor2012, BASF showcases the world’s first automotive plastic wheel rim made of its engineering plastic Ultramid Structure, an innovative high-performance plastic that is suitable for all applications requiring high strength plus lightweight construction. Weighing less than conventional metal wheels, the plastic wheel rim significantly reduces vehicle weight, saves on energy consumption and accordingly lowers emissions. The mechanical properties of Ultramid Structure are enhanced by long reinforcing glass fibers, which make the wheel rims durable enough for continuous and long-term use, as well as contribute to its excellent thermal and chemical stability. Furthermore, Ultramid Structure is easy to process and weld.

BASF is a pioneer in advanced motorcycle coatings solutions that combine outstanding coatings performance with the latest market trends in terms of colors and effects. A prime example of BASF innovation is BEAMCOATTM, the twin-cure (UV-thermo curing) clearcoat for motorcycle fuel tanks that has been recognized for its outstanding scratch-resistance and environmentally-friendly properties. New effect coatings – mat clearcoats – have also been introduced for motorcycles. Mat clearcoats change the visual effect of coating: It has a soft-feel effect and gives a cool, high-tech feel. BASF is the only coatings supplier to hold dedicated motorcycle color shows. Its team of color designers translates the latest color trends into concrete proposals for the motorcycle manufacturers.