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NürnbergMesse and Vincentz Network Invest in PAINTINDIA Trade Fair

January 18, 2013

Colour Publications, Vincentz Network and NürnbergMesse will sign a contract for PAINTINDIA´s future in an official ceremony in Mumbai. The two German companies, a publishing house and a trade fair company, will acquire an interest in the trade fair previously owned by one of the leading and oldest publishers for techno-commercial journals in India. The goal is to lay a solid foundation for a long-lasting commitment.

As organizers of the leading coatings trade show, the European Coatings Show, Vincentz Network and NürnbergMesse look back on 20 years of a strong, trusting partnership and plenty of experience in running coatings shows and conferences. In addition NürnbergMesse North America runs, the American Coatings Show, the highlight event of the U.S. paint and coatings industry, on behalf of the organizers American Coatings Association and Vincentz Network, while Vincentz Network is responsible for the high-quality conferences accompanying these trade fairs.

Since the inception of PAINTINIDIA in 1993 Colour Publications has succeeded in establishing this exhibition series as the prime forum for the Indian coatings industry. The new line-up enables the three companies to cooperate in one of the most important international growth markets for coatings. It combines the expertise in science, international industry and in organizing highly specialized trade shows and conferences. This makes Colour Publications, Vincentz Network and NürnbergMesse perfect partners, as each of them is an expert in its field.

“The paint and coatings sector in India is growing almost twice as strongly as the real gross national product”, said Dilip Raghavan, managing director of Colour Publications, about the positive prospects for PAINTINDIA. “Both national and international suppliers therefore expect their product sales to grow by 15 to 20 percent a year in the coming years. I am very delighted to start this promising future with two strong and experienced partners.”

This contract will lay the ground for merging the strength of the three shows to access this enormous business potential. Jonas Vincentz, CEO of Vincentz Network, is confident that the new partnership is well poised to tap India’s coatings potential. “Colour Publications, NürnbergMesse and Vincentz Network share a number of values and strategic approaches. All of us believe in long-term involvement, in the power of networking, in the importance of personal relations based on continued dialogue and mutual trust.”

At the same time the coatings business is becoming ever more global and thus coatings trade shows face higher demands. “So a global challenge calls for a global solution. That’s why I am convinced that our commitment in PAINTINDIA will strengthen the three coating trade shows. PAINTINIDA is a highly qualified basic component to provide a profitable business environment for the coatings industry to operate successfully on a global basis,” said Roland Fleck, CEO of NürnbergMesse.

The upcoming events:
• March 19−21, 2013: European Coatings Show, Nuremberg/Germany
• March 6−8, 2014: PAINTINDIA, Mumbai/India
• May 8−10, 2014: American Coatings Show, Indianapolis/U.S.