Vermont Natural Coatings Introduces Heirloom Wipe-On PolyWhey

February 7, 2013

Vermont Natural Coatings,
manufacturer of high performance naturally
derived whey-based wood finishes,
has introduced new Heirloom Wipe-On
PolyWhey, a durable, safe furniture finish
with the look and feel of traditional
hand rubbed finishes.
In addition to being used to finish
furniture, Heirloom Wipe-On
PolyWhey can be used on surfaces like
countertops, butcher blocks and wooden
bowls. Vermont Natural Coatings is
a locally based, environmentally sustainable
business producing naturally
derived wood finishes.
PolyWhey is new science in wood finish
technology, utilizing a patented formula
with whey, a byproduct of cheese
making, as its linchpin ingredient.
Heirloom Wipe-On PolyWhey delivers
a rich, uniform finish, according to the
company. The formula has good leveling
and flow for easy application with
a clean, lint-free cloth, quality synthetic
or foam brush or paint pad. Cleanup is
with soap and water. It is available in
satin and gloss.