The Expertise of NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP Helping to Deliver Anticorrosion Performance and Control Critical Tightening Requirements

April 29, 2013

The worldwide leader of zinc flake anticorrosion protection, NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP has been developing for many years an acknowledged expertise regarding fastener tightening control. The GEOMET 500 coating, internationally recognized, and the PLUS VLh topcoat provide demanding industries such as automotive and heavy trucks with a coating of very high reliability. Thanks to a high lubrication level and consistant performance on light alloys, these coatings provide industrial groups with perfect solutions.

PLUS VLh : the new solution to friction problems for cases of difficult tightening

For many years, one of the major standards of the German car industry has been the PLUS® VL applied onto a GEOMET 321 coating, which combines excellent performance regarding anticorrosion and control of tightening.

Today, the obligation to reduce vehicle weights in
order to decrease CO2 emissions leads to widespread use of light alloys. The PLUS VLh topcoat improves performance linked to friction for difficult tightening cases, particularly for multitightening in aluminium and onto catophoretic
paint. It is also effective in cases of loosening at high temperatures, while avoiding stick-slip problems when tightening.

The PLUS VLh topcoat can be applied in one coat onto the GEOMET 321 coating. It can be used for all fasteners and meets new expectations of the German automotive industry.

GEOMET 500: the self-lubricated worldwide standard

Automotive and heavy trucks industries require comprehensive systems combining both high anticorrosion performance and control of tightening. The GEOMET 500 is a self-lubricated coating which allows an average 8-10 µm thickness to reach 1000 hours corrosion resistance without red rust for fasteners treated in bulk using the dip-spin process. Thanks to its integral lubrication, the GEOMET500 provides further excellent behaviour regarding assembly and multi tightening. The value of coefficient of friction provided is between 0.12 and 0.18 without any additional topcoat, on a M10x55 hex-headed reference screw, tested according to ISO 16047.

Today, the GEOMET 500 is specified by many manufacturers and OEMs in the automotive and heavy trucks sectors: PSA, Fiat, Iveco, Jaguar Cars & Land Rover, Bosch, Volvo Trucks.
For many years, the GEOMET 500 has proved to be a very competitive coating on the market.
It is available worldwide thanks to a network of experienced and qualified applicators.

Environment friendly anticorrosion technologies

Our coatings differ from competitors products as
our technology is water-based and uses chemicals with low VOC content. Our products are totally chromium free (neither trivalent chromium nor hexavalent chromium) and  anticipate the substitution of substances targeted by regulations, such as VHU and VOC directives as well as REACh regulations. 2 major prizes were awarded to us to acknowledge our environmental credentials: The Pierre Potier prize and Europe Responsible Care prize.