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BASF Adds FGuard 3D Paint to Product Range

May 1, 2013

It looks like wood and it feels like wood but, actually, it’s paper. On shelves, tables or cupboards, foil coatings provide effects that at first glance appear to be real. BASF has added to its product range the new FGuard® 3D paint system in Europe.

With its pore structures and grain, the newly developed system gives the decorative foil for furniture an appearance resembling real wood. Without having to use costly real wood, they can use foil coatings to lend a natural wood appearance to doors and furniture.
With the FGuard 3D method, the first step involves using a printing system to print a multicolor decorative pattern on preimpregnated paper. The new FGuard  3D pore structure paint is applied in the final printing unit. In the next step, a transparent topcoat is applied to the coated paper on a paintline.

The furniture decoration foils coated with this method have to meet high standards in terms of both appearance and function. For instance, they have to be resistant to spots and mechanical damage. “
Foil coatings are clearcoats used to coat paper that is printed with a wood pattern. The end product, referred to as “finish foil,” is used to provide furniture, doors, and floor paneling with decorative surface protection. Coating the foils is easier, quicker and more efficient than coating assembled furniture, for example. That saves time and money, according to the company.