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Sipchem Begins Production in Jubail on New Ethyl/Butyl Acetate Facility

May 23, 2013

Saudi International Petrochemical Co.’s (Sipchem) Sipchem Chemicals Co. subsidiary in mid-May 2013 started up a new 100,000-t/y ethyl acetate and butyl acetate swing production unit in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Ethyl acetate and butyl acetate “are in line with Sipchem strategies to implement downstream projects that are integrated with Sipchem current products,” said Abdullah A. Al-Saadoon, president, Sipchem operations. The production will be used to satisfy local needs and to meet international demand, he added.

The unit, built by eTec Engineering and Construction Co., is based on technology licensed by Rhodia. Acetic acid feedstock will be supplied by International Acetyl Co., a Sipchem affiliate, while ethanol feedstock will be imported from global markets.