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PPG's CIC Receives $1.071 MN to Help Develop Non-isocyanate Liquid Coatings for Military

June 24, 2013

The U.S. Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program has awarded $1.071 million to PPG Industries'  Allison Park, Pennsylvania, Coatings Innovation Center (CIC) to help develop non-isocyanate liquid coatings that meet military specifications.

The funding will support the development of many coating chemistries that can be applied in the automotive refinish, industrial, and protective and marine coatings markets.

PPG has partnered with the Army Research Lab and U.S. Naval Air Systems Command on the project, and will serve as the prime contractor. As part of their role, PPG researchers will synthesize, formulate and test coatings that meet polyurethane performance standards but do not include isocyanates.

"The chemical-agent-resistant coatings used by the armed forces are based on technology that is more than 40 years old," explained Ljiljana Maksimovic, PPG development associate, industrial coatings research, based at the CIC. "Many contain isocyanate materials that can potentially cause skin and respiratory reactions. We'll be working to develop updated formulas that can address new and emerging chemical agent threats. These new technologies will also help prevent exposure to isocyanates and reduce isocyanate-related health hazards."

The 36-month project is one of many externally-funded programs developed, awarded and executed by PPG researchers with the assistance of PPG's corporate science and technology team, Maksimovic said.

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