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Variable, Inc. Introduces NODE+chroma: Instant and Affordable Color Scanning, Matching For Designers, Artists and Painters

August 6, 2013

Variable, Inc., developer of the NODE modular wireless sensor platform, has launched  NODE+chroma, an affordable sensor module that provides instantaneous information about color scanned from virtually any surface. NODE+chroma transmits highly accurate color data via Bluetooth 4.0 to iOS smart devices up to 250 feet away.

The NODE+chroma module, which connects to the NODE sensor platform device, has an end cap that allows a perfect white LED light to compute true sRGB, CIE, L*A*b*, and Hex values, regardless of ambient light.

“NODE+chroma is the most affordable and easy-to-use tool for contractors, graphic designers, publishers, interior designers, painters and professionals in virtually any industry where scanning and matching colors to an electronic fandeck is critically important to the core business,” said George Yu, chief executive officer and founder, Variable, Inc. “Using NODE+chroma to find the accurate attributes of any color, anywhere, in less than one second, and at such a low price point, is a fundamental leap forward in the way manufacturers and designers communicate color.”

Technical specifications:
DeltaE 2000 for color comparison.
When NODE+chroma color information is tested against MacBeth Color-Checker Calibration Target (measured under temperature 24°C ± 2°C ) there is better than 0.80 deltaE reading to reading consistency.
Measurement Time: Approximately 1 second.
Measurement Area: 1.9 cm^2
NODE+chroma is the fifth sensor module released for the NODE sensor platform.

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