The Voice of Colour Program of PPG Pittsburgh Paints Brand Announces Atlantic Colour Collection

August 16, 2013

The PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS brand has launched the Atlantic Colour Collection, a new palette of 42 colors representing the significant coastal shades of Canada’s Atlantic region. Inspired by the atmosphere of the true east coast warmth and relaxed mood, the palette combines local marine-inspired shades for both interior and exterior home colour combinations.

The Atlantic Colour Collection brings to life the natural essence of the region including colours influenced by the deep green foliage of the forests, mystical blues of the sky and waves, warm tones of the sand dunes and tranquil grays of the seashells and ocean mist. With shades such as “Bay of Fundy” and “Foggy Beach,” the palette embraces the influences of the water and natural landscapes while capturing a soft light that accompanies the area’s long winters and moody waters.

The palette illustrates the area’s most recognizable hues; the influence of the local lifestyle is also reflected. Developed by local PPG architectural coatings representatives and color experts, the Atlantic Colour Collection is part of The Voice of Colour program of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand. The collection is available exclusively at Kent locations in any of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints paint lines. 

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