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Sherwin-Williams Celebrates America’s Everlasting Love Of Color

August 19, 2013

The role of color in our lives has evolved throughout history. As times and styles have changed, one thing remains steadfast: Americans are in love with color when it comes to their homes. Whether expressing passion with vibrant reds, keeping cool with subtle blues, or revving up rooms with energetic oranges, color extends beyond a design element to a personal expression of our emotions and values.

Sherwin-Williams is celebrating more than 14 decades by inviting consumers to vote for the paint color they love most for the opportunity to win an in-home color consultation with famed HGTV designer David Bromstad, along with other prizes.

“Anniversaries celebrate everlasting love, and at Sherwin-Williams, that means celebrating the love of color. We’re inviting Americans to tell us what iconic paint color they’ve enjoyed the most for the chance to win and gain color inspiration for their next project,” said Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing, Sherwin-Williams.

Here are some of the company’s most storied paint colors over 14 decades, their origins and what they tell us about ourselves:

    Real Red – The expression “Paint the town red” originated in the American West by wild partying cowboys in the 1880s, around the time Sherwin-Williams began making paint. Today, Real Red paint helps showcase our passions and zest for life.
    Pink Flamingo – One in four U.S. homes from 1936 to 1966 had the color pink in the bathroom, helping homeowners express their post-World War II exuberance. Today, pink is enjoying a comeback as a retro color in homes.
    Daisy – With its stimulating effect on the mind, this bright yellow originated from the Old English expression “day’s eye” for the way the flower opens at dawn. Many people have used Daisy yellow paint in a child’s room, given its cheerful, energetic vibe.
    Escapade Gold – Gold became a popular interior paint color in Depression-era homes to add a feeling of richness despite difficult times. Today, gold is often used in home décor to bring out the beauty of popular animal prints used.
    Mandarin – The color gained its name from the bright orange robes worn by mandarins, public officials of China. Used in a room, this shade continues to quicken the pulse and excite the eye.
    Electric Lime – Christopher Columbus is said to have introduced limes to America. Today, Electric Lime can infuse a funky and fun energy to a kitchen or accent wall in a teen’s room.
    Blue Sky – Sky-blue porch ceilings were a Southern tradition in the mid-19th century to scare away evil spirits. Today, this beautiful blue shade brings up calmer connotations as the color of peace, loyalty and trust, and is perfect for making small spaces look larger.
    Orchid – The delicate orchid flower was associated with luxury in the Victorian era as a symbol of rare and fragile beauty. In today’s homes, the Orchid paint color is often chosen for its part Art Deco, part 1980s-mod look, providing a refreshed choice for interiors.
    Roycroft Bottle Green – The Roycroft name came from Samuel and Thomas Roycroft, who printed beautiful books in 17th-century London. A popular house trim in the 1930s and 1940s, today this moody green contrasts well with fine wood furniture.
    Teal Stencil – Heavily used in the 1950s and 1960s, teal is part warm and part cool. In today’s home décor, Teal Stencil paint is a relaxing choice for bedrooms or nurseries and is often used to refresh the look of antique wood furnishings.
    Roycroft Adobe – The color evokes adobe clay, which was used in construction in the Southwest for centuries. This exceptionally earthy tone can lend an appetizing touch to dining areas or cozy up a den or home office.
    Kilim Beige – Neutral colors like beige were the rage in the 1920s. Kilim remains one of the best-selling Sherwin-Williams colors of all time, adding subtle warmth to larger open spaces, trims and ceilings.

From August 7 to 19, consumers can visit to vote for their favorite color, which enters them into the Sherwin-Williams sweepstakes*. A random drawing will choose 16 winners. The first-prize winner will receive a free home color consultation from HGTV design star David Bromstad and a $500 Sherwin-Williams gift card. Ten second-prize winners will receive $100 gift cards, and five third-prize winners will receive $50 gift cards. In addition, from August 16 to 19, Sherwin-Williams stores will offer 35 percent off paints and stains, and 15 percent off painting supplies.

The winning color will be revealed the week of August 20, and the winners will be contacted the week of August 26.