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Henkel Among the 500 most Important Companies in Mexico

August 28, 2013

Henkel has been ranked one of the most important companies in Mexico for the fifth consecutive year and also features in the rankings of the 100 largest multinational corporations.

Every year, “Expansión,” a business magazine in Mexico, publishes the ranking of the largest companies in Mexico. The rankings stem from an annual survey conducted on the main companies in Mexico, and the results are reflected in the list with the 500 most important companies in Mexico. The ranking examines organizations that can be characterized as firms, that is, entities that offer assets or services and reports income or sales, regardless of their property and business.

The purpose of this selection is to give an overview of the main corporations in various economic sectors in Mexico. For this purpose the magazine “Expansión” sent out more than 2,000 surveys to collect corporate information and important financial records. The assessment of the financial information was done in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accountings Principles. In case of insufficient financial information, the company’s sales were simply estimated.