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Nubiola Increases Yellow Iron Oxide Nubifer Y-7050's Production Capacity for Coatings

September 9, 2013

Nubioloa has made an investment to triple production capacity for its Yellow Iron Oxide Nubifer Y-7050.

Nubifer Y-7050 was designed to fulfill the need for high temperature stable, weatherable, yellow pigments for plastics and powder, coil and stoving coatings. Conventional Yellow Iron Oxides withstand 190°C (5 min) while Nubiola's proprietary encapsulation technology makes Nubifer Y-7050 remain stable up to 260°C (5 min), the compay reported. The encapsulation consists of a very thin, effective layer made only out of inorganic compounds; it improves the heat fastness of the pigment by preventing water from being released in the hydrated Iron Oxide form, i.e. goethite (yellow), so that the anhydride Iron Oxide form, i.e. hematite (red), is not generated and the yellow color remains as is.

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