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Best Paper Award at the Coating for Africa Show

September 13, 2013

A technical paper that explains the science behind an innovation for paints and coatings from Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. was honored as the best paper at the Coating for Africa Show in Johannesburg, South Africa. The paper, entitled “Vinyl Versatate-based Lattices With High Binding Power and Improved Environmental Performance for Economical Paints," was presented by Touria Gharrafi from Momentive and received the Best Paper Award as judged against more than 32 papers presented at the conference. Chemicals Specialties LTD sponsored the awards.

The technical paper provides an introduction about the VeoVa™ vinyl ester monomer structure and its key benefits. It describes how this highly branched hydrophobic monomer enhances the latex and final coating properties, particularly with regard to water and alkaline resistance. By possessing the branched chemical structure, VeoVa monomers can bring an excellent durability to coatings as well. The paper also describes the development path to produce VeoVa vinyl ester-based surfactant stabilized terpolymers for low VOC, low odor interior paints that match the high standard of washability resistance at high PVC levels. For many years the paint industry has been asking for lattices that have a high binding power for matte interior paints to enable them to reduce the amount of binder in the paint. In order to reach the high binding power requested by paint and coating manufacturers, MSC conducted a study to identify and quantify the different parameters that influence paint scrub resistance. Binder morphology, process conditions, the paint formulation, and the test methods used were found to influence the scrub resistance of the paint. For more information, please contact us.
Momentive Specialty Chemicals Receives Pflaumer Honors for Innovation Award at the Eastern Coatings Show

A technical paper written by employees of Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. (“MSC”) and presented by Victor Arriaga from Momentive was chosen as one of the top two papers for innovation in new coating technology at the Eastern Coatings Show (ECS) in Atlantic City, NJ this past May.

The paper, entitled “Branched Vinyl Ester Monomers for Hydrophobic Emulsion Polymers," received 1st prize over 42 papers presented at the conference. Pflaumer Brothers, an independent manufacturer of polymers and resins, isocyanates, colorants and specialty additives for paints and coatings based in Ewing, NJ, sponsored the awards.

MSC’s technical paper provides an overview of vinyl ester-based binders for paints, and outlines the performance improvement enabled by the unique family of highly branched VeoVa vinyl ester monomers created by Momentive. These vinyl esters of Versatic™ acid are ideal co-monomers in the production of emulsion polymers for high quality, exterior and interior, water-based architectural and industrial coatings. The paper describes how the incorporation of these highly branched hydrophobic structures enhances the latex and final coating properties, particularly with regard to durability and water and alkaline resistance.

The authors explain why VeoVa monomers are a natural partner for vinyl acetate in the production of binders for paints with high scrub resistance and very good outdoor durability. The paper also addresses acrylic polymers modified with hydrophobic VeoVa vinyl ester monomers. VeoVa vinyl ester-modified acrylics exhibit very high alkali and UV resistance as well as long lasting water repellence. Typical applications for acrylic polymers modified with VeoVa vinyl ester monomer include wood stains, exterior masonry coatings, and anti-corrosion coatings.

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