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BASF's Offers New Red Shade Yellow Pigment For the Plastics Industry

September 24, 2013

BASF has  launched a new red shade yellow pigment, Paliotol Yellow K 1750. With the help of a new chemistry patented by BASF, this organic pigment offers customers a cost effective alternative to heavy metal and diarylide pigments that can be restricted for use in certain applications, according to the company. Paliotol Yellow K 1750 can also replace more expensive or over-specified color formulations and can help streamline a customer's pigment palette.

Paliotol Yellow K 1750 is designed for use with PO (polyolefin) and PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) plastic via extrusion or molding processes. It can be used for indoor consumer goods such as toys and packaging. The product sets a new industry benchmark with its coloring efficiency and technical features, including high color strength, opacity, excellent processing stability and high resistance to bleeding in water and migration.

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