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BASF’s Paul Czornij to Speak on Automotive Exterior Finishes at the Pigment and Color Science Forum

September 24, 2013

 BASF’s Paul Czornij will speak on automotive exterior finishes at the Pigment and Color Science Forum.

What: A presentation on “Advancements in Pigment Chemistry V - The Marriage of Technology and Design: Enhancements in Aesthetic Appeal and Look of Automotive Exterior Finishes”

Who:  Presented by Paul Czornij, the head of BASF’s Color Excellence Group in North America

When: Thursday October 3, 2013

Where: The Pigment and Colour Science Forum / October 1-3, 2013 / Rome, Italy

Since 1990, Paul Czornig has been involved in pigment evaluation and pigment dispersant resin development, and is currently responsible for the global colorant portfolio for the automotive OEM group of BASF.  He is actively involved with several color-focused organizations. He received his chemistry degrees from Wayne State University and from the University of Detroit.

The Pigment and Color Science Forum is a high profile conference focused on the industrial pigments and colorants sector. The forum attracts a high degree of industry experts including academia involved in pigments, research entities, colour designers, major pigment manufacturers, industrial standards officers, pigment tooling/measuring/consistency companies, and buyers in the areas of plastics, paint and coatings, cosmetics, paper and printing inks.  For more information on the conference, click here.

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