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InVentures Group CEO Invited to Speak at International Advanced Materials Conference

September 30, 2013

The InVentures Group CEO, Keith Blakely, has been invited to speak at the 12th Annual International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials (ICFPAM).  Blakely is an invited speaker for the Technology Transfer workshop at the conference and will be presenting on tech transfer and the commercialization of university and early-stage technologies.

Blakely’s presentation at the 2013 conference will be his second invitation to present at ICFPAM.  He was also an invited speaker at the 2007 ICFPAM conference in Santiago, Chile, where he presented on the pervasive impact nanotechnology had on the nexus of energy, cleantech, and water.

“I am honored to have been invited back to speak at this year’s ICFPAM conference.  It is one of the leading conferences on polymer science, advanced materials and new technologies and fosters positive discussion and interaction in the industry.  I look forward to the opportunity to speak about the challenges and opportunities of transferring technologies from the university setting to full-scale commercialization,” said Blakely.

The 2013 ICFPAM will be held December 8-13 in Auckland, New Zealand.  ICFPAM brings together the leading international scientists, engineering, top-level industrial management, and business executives to discuss industry themes such as nano-scale and nano-structured materials and devices, biomaterials and biopolymers, organic-based photonics and electronics materials, composites and hybrid materials, and moving from synthesis to advanced materials.