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Allnex Introduces Easy to Use, Ultra‐Low‐VOC Combination Metal Drier for Waterborne Alkyds

October 7, 2013

Allnex introduces ADDITOL XW 6560, an ultra‐low‐VOC combination
metal drier designed for easy incorporation into low VOC waterborne alkyd paints.
ADDITOL XW 6560 has excellent compatibility with highly modified alkyds and other metal driers enabling fast
incorporation in any stage of the paint manufacturing process. Furthermore, ADDITOL XW 6560 has improved
stability and paints formulated with ADDITOL XW 6560 show lower seeding tendencies during drier

“With much stricter VOC regulations coming into force in the US in the near future, Allnex has taken the
initiative to develop a metal drier that will not only help formulators of alkyd coatings be compliant, but is also
easy to use and offers optimum performance,” says Philippe De Micheli, Global Marketing Director Liquid
Coating Resins and Additives. “In addition, because ADDITOL XW 6560 can be blended with other commercial
single metal driers, if necessary, formulators can customize performance for a specific system.”
ADDITOL XW 6560 will be available worldwide as of November 2013.

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