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DSM Approves BDO Made Using Genomatica's Process for Use in Arnitel Products

October 8, 2013

Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, and
Genomatica, announce that DSM confirms by in-depth testing that BDO
made with Genomatica's process had excellent purity and shows
equivalent performance as fossil-based BDO. DSM plans to use BDO made
with Genomatica's bio-based process technology in its Arnitel products.
Used as a raw material, BDO made from Genomatica's process is able to
increase Arnitel's bio-based content up to 73%.

Arnitel is a high performance engineering plastic with flexibility,
high temperature resistance, strength and excellent processing
characteristics. DSM conducted in-depth tests with bio-based BDO, made
with Genomatica's process, to produce PBT (polybutylene terephthalate),
one of the building blocks of Arnitel TPC.

DSM's tests confirm that the bio-based BDO made with Genomatica's
process was of higher purity than typical fossil-based BDO.
Additionally, when used to form polymers, this bio-based BDO delivers
equivalent in-spec behavior and properties of the polymers compared to
using petroleum-based BDO, and required no changes in DSM's processes.
As a result, DSM considers BDO made with Genomatica's process to be a
suitable raw material for commercial production of Arnitel.

DSM plans to start transitioning its Arnitel portfolio to this new BDO,
as soon as supplies are readily available from one of the producers
that Genomatica licenses to use its BDO process.

The first two key products to benefit from the new BDO are Arnitel Eco
and Arnitel VT:

--  Arnitel Eco already has a bio-based content of 22-53% depending on the
     hardness. The introduction of BDO made with Genomatica's process will
     increase the bio-based content up to 73%. Arnitel Eco is being used for
     food packaging films and for a number of soft touch applications in
     consumer electronics.
--  Arnitel VT is a very flexible material that, when made into membranes
     just a few microns thick, is 100% waterproof but also highly breathable
     and comfortable. The primary application is in outdoor apparel and
     shoes. Currently, Arnitel VT products are not bio-based. The planned use
     of BDO made with Genomatica's process will result in an Arnitel VT that
     is up to 22% bio-based.

Rein Borggreve, Global Research and Technology Director at DSM, said:
"As a global science-based company, DSM understands the need to make
the transition from a fossil-based economy to a bio-based economy. So
we are focusing on developing alternative, renewable, non-fossil-based
solutions. To speed up this development process, we frequently partner
with leading innovators such as Genomatica." Borggreve added: "Both DSM
and Genomatica are leaders in the production and invention of bio-based
solutions. Together we can shape part of the bio-based economy that
will emerge after the fossil-based economy."

Christophe Schilling, Ph.D., CEO of Genomatica, said: "DSM's tests show
how quickly bio-based products can be adopted if you're delivering the
exact same performance for an existing, high-volume chemical. Our
partnership combines DSM's in-depth understanding of materials and
applications with our technology, and together this will deliver new,
more sustainable materials. We applaud DSM's initiative in being an
early mover in this field, and are excited about this additional proof
of the commercial-readiness of our BDO process."