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Allnex Introduces a New Waterborne UV Resin

October 10, 2013

Allnex introduces new UCECOAT 7210 waterborne UV resin. This product
offers a wide blending range with Allnex’s UCECOAT® 7200 waterborne UV resin to produce super hardcoats
with tailor‐made flexibility.

Formulations based on UCECOAT 7210 and UCECOAT 7200 provide a solvent free, low viscosity UV hardcoat
with high solid content of approximately 65% and excellent stability. Compared with solventborne systems, this
hardcoat demonstrates equivalent mechanical and chemical resistance and it also allows brand owners to meet
sustainability requirements.

UCECOAT 7210 is recommended as a co‐resin with UCECOAT 7200 for hardcoat on curved substrates where
flexibility of the coating is required such as consumer electronic casings, automotive interiors, films and rigid