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Menges Roller Expands Design & Engineering Capacity

October 10, 2013

Menges Roller announced the enhancement of its Engineering Department capabilities.

Heat transfer rollers are a flagship product at Menges, and these Engineering enhancements are primarily aimed at the heat transfer roll marketplace. Using advanced technology, Menges Engineers can now see and predict the exact temperature a roller will achieve and how that temperature will affect the web – all before the roller is built.

These advancements will help Menges Roller continue designing rollers that perform specific tasks at very specific temperatures.

Utilizing the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology, Menges Engineers compute all the relevant factors – substrate types & dimensions, linespeeds, thermal transfer fluid data, roller dimensions, flowrates, and so on –
to see the temperature & thermal profile of a roller before it is built.

Matt Menges, President of Menges Roller, explained, “With modern converting applications, heat transfer rolls must perform at a very high level…and we take pride in building some of the best heat transfer rolls on the market. With these Engineering enhancements, we’re simply continuing on that path. Now, instead of just seeing static roller dimensions, we can demonstrate how changes to those dimensions affect the flowrate, the roller’s temperature, the web’s temperature, and the entire converting process. It’s all about designing custom rollers that perform flawlessly in their application.”

As part of these Engineering Department enhancements, Menges has also invested in technology that allows engineers to model weight and load-bearing characteristics. This allows engineers to compare the strength & stress capacities of various steels in relation to roller design and component dimensions.

Based in northeast Illinois, Menges Roller Company serves the plastics, paper, non-wovens and steel markets with    high-performance heat transfer & chill rolls, large process rolls, as well as web spreaders and other rubber-covered rollers. Menges also provides a full range of maintenance and repair services, from comprehensive roll refurbishing, to journal and core replacement, dynamic balancing, parabolic crowning, chrome finishing, and rubber covering options.