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LTI Unveils Solvent-Free, UV-curable Abrasion Resistant Spray Coating for Plastics

October 15, 2013

Lens Technology International (LTI) has unveiled a new abrasion resistant coating for spray application on plastic parts. LTI is one of the leading suppliers of hard and tintable coatings for plastic and polycarbonate lenses and has been offering their innovative coatings since 1987.

There are a variety of industrial products made from plastic that require protective coatings to prevent scratches and marring. Whether it is a lens requiring optical clarity or a product case or housing, scratches that result from abrasive substances degrade product performance. LTI gives customers the best scratch-resistant plastic lens solutions in the industry by offering a complete line of clear abrasion resistant coatings for their use.

The new abrasion resistant coating is 100% solids (solvent free) UV curable and can be spray applied to a variety of three-dimensional products.