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NOF Metal Coatings Group Major Partner of the Wind Power Sector

October 22, 2013

A worldwide leader in anti-corrosion protection of metallic parts based on zinc flake chemical compounds in aqueous phase, the NOFMetal Coatings Group is a partner of choice in the automobile industry, the company reported. Having set its reputation on the performance of its coatings and the quality of its services, the international group confirms its presence in the developing wind power sector. Companies such as Vestas, Gamesa, Alstom Wind, Acciona, Clipper Windpower and Vergnet  have approved the technologies commercialized by NOF Metal Coatings. 

The common goal of all participants in the global wind market, OEMs, suppliers, distributors or bolt makers, is to respond to the customers’ needs and to meet their requirements. Thanks to its global network and international dimension, the NOF Metal Coatings Group has adopted an approach based on support and therefore is seen as a key partner to all participants in the wind power industry.

With the range of coatings DACROMET and GEOMET, as well as the topcoats PLUS, widely used in the automobile industry, NOF Metal Coatings provides a long-term solution for the wind energy sector and a response to its specific technical requirements. The low-thickness of the coatings and their anti-corrosion protection mechanisms guarantee the performance and reliability necessary in very aggressive wet and saline environments.

NOF Metal Coating’s global licensee’s network is capable of meeting the coating needs on metallic parts of the wind power sector in terms of application processes (Dip-Spin and Spray process on frame or rack) as well as production volumes.

In 2013, the NOF Metal Coatings Group renewed its participation in the China Wind Power tradeshow in Beijing with major companies of the wind energy sector.