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High Irradiance Weathering Testing

October 25, 2013

Atlas Material Testing Technology, the global leader in weathering technology and services, presents state-of-the-art research and the latest industry knowledge on high irradiance weathering testing.

Today, only companies that can quickly introduce superior products to the market are able to survive a globally competitive environment. Accelerated and accurate weathering testing is a critical component in product development for any material expected to withstand the damaging effects of sunlight, heat, and moisture.

Weathering testing at higher irradiance levels than the normally applied "1-sun" can produce degradation results in a much shorter period of time. Currently, many basic laboratory weathering standards allow up to 3-sun testing.

The benefits of high irradiance testing are obvious:
• Shorter test times
• Larger sample turnover
• Lower testing costs
• Faster time to market
• Earlier failure detection
• Reduced risk of extrapolation

“Significant reduction of testing time is a key challenge in weathering. With instruments capable of high irradiance testing, like Atlas’ Ci5000 HE Weather-Ometer, Xenotest Alpha+, the brand new Xenotest 440, and our Solar Environmental Chambers, we offer unique ways of reducing test times to our customers,” said Andreas Riedl, Director of Atlas Global Consulting. 
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