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BASF and Partners Present European Construction Project at BATIMAT 2013

November 5, 2013

From November 4 until November 8, BASF will present numerous solutions in the area of sustainable housing and construction at the BATIMAT trade fair in Paris Nord Villepinte. Based at Hall 5A/stand D34, the company will showcase products to raise energy efficiency, reduce maintenance and improve comfort.

BASF engages with partners around the world to elaborate how material solutions can be applied to create more energy-efficient buildings. One example is the BuildTog (Building Together) construction project ( which is driven by the European Housing Network EURHONET, together with BASF, the French architect Nicolas Michelin and his architecture firm A/NM/A as well as the German energy efficiency consultancy LUWOGE consult. The objective is to create a new generation of residential houses in several European countries which combine best energy performance with cost-efficient construction and high-quality architecture. Visitors of the BATIMAT trade fair are invited to attend a conference on BuildTog which takes place on November 7 at 15:40 in Hall 5A, room 504.

Reducing energy consumption

Housing and construction accounts for around 40% of global energy use and buildings contribute to 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause of global warming. The BASF insulation products presented at BATIMAT contribute towards diminishing this harmful environmental impact.

BASF’s innovative expandable polystyrene (EPS) Neopor®, for example, contains graphite. This results in insulation performance that is up to 20 percent better than conventional EPS. Insulation materials made from Neopor can be used in wall, roof and interior insulation. Its high performance results in lower energy usage and lower CO2 emissions.

Styrodur is an extruded rigid polystyrene foam (XPS). It is used for perimeter insulation, pressure-loaded floors and inverted roofs. Optimum thermal insulation using Styrodur makes a significant contribution to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emissions.

More solutions that contribute to energy efficiency and that are presented at BATIMAT include polyurethane (PU) applications. Elastopor H and Elastopir are polyurethane rigid foam systems used to produce sandwich panels and insulation boards. Elastospray is a polyurethane (PU) spray foam for roofs, walls and floors insulation. The extremely low thermal conductivity of 0.023 to 0.030 W/mK improves insulation performance and saves energy. Combined with ULTRADUR engineering plastic, Elastoporvcan also be used for window frames insulation reducing heat loss by 20 percent.

Basotect is a flexible, open cell foam made from melamin resin. Thanks to its thermal stability and high flame retardancy, it is used for the insulation of solar collectors. Thus, the foam can contribute to an improved energy-efficiency of buildings – the collectors use solar energy to provide warm water for residential buildings and commercial premises.

Prolonging the lifespan of buildings

Highly durable, robust and resistant construction reduces lifecycle costs due to lower maintenance needs which mean fewer costly repairs. The use of BASF chemistry prolongs the lifespan of buildings and infrastructure. BASF admixtures and concrete performance enhancing products such as X–SEED and MASTERFIBER strengthen the durability of concrete beams, foundations, slabs, walls and columns.

Improving comfort and quality of life

As society becomes more urbanized and industrialized, noise levels are an increasing challenge. At BATIMAT, BASF presents Basotect as an intelligent solution for sound absorption that can be easily applied and decoratively designed. The foam is ideal for improving room acoustics and creating pleasant acoustic environments. Visitors interested in enhancing comfort levels in residential, commercial and industrial buildings are advised to try out the acoustics box at the BASF stand.

They can also experience Mastertop from BASF. The product range includes a wide variety of flooring systems based on polyurethane and epoxy resin. Their versatile properties can be adapted to particular needs. Mastertop® products offer an excellent combination of comfort and durability over time, thus improving the quality of buildings. UCRETE is a unique range of industrial floor coatings based on polyurethane resin. With its high performance specification it is suitable for intensive use. The entire UCRETE range is certified "Indoor Air Comfort Gold" by Eurofins for its health qualities and low VOC emissions.