Hempel Launches Versiline Vinyl Ester Anti-corrosive Coatings

November 6, 2013

Specifically designed for the aggressive industrial environments found in many process industries, Versiline vinyl ester coatings deliver superior anti-corrosive protection and temperature, chemical and abrasion resistance, according to the company. The Versiline vinyl ester range is already widely used in the U.S., and Hempel is launching it on the global market for the first time.

Versiline is a range of tailor-made specialty solutions for highly challenging applications - such as chemical tanks, stack linings and absorbers. The range was initially developed by U.S.  Company Blome, a company Hempel acquired in 2012. Hempel is making the Versiline brand available globally, starting with the Versiline vinyl ester range, which was recently launched this year.

The Versiline vinyl ester range includes five coatings that can be combined in various systems depending on the requirements of each application.

Vinyl ester coatings offer superior performance against high temperatures and aggressive chemicals – making them ideal for the extremely corrosive and abrasive environments encountered in many process industries. Strengthened with an epoxy backbone, the coatings in the Versiline vinyl ester range are also highly resistant to water penetration, delamination and humidity.