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BASF Presents Collaborative Projects that Drive Sustainable Solutions

November 15, 2013

Leveraging sustainable innovations as a driver of business and brand value is the central theme of the Sustainable Brands Conference. For the second time BASF is a major sponsor of this event that takes place at The Lancaster Hotel in London from November 18 to 19. The conference convenes world’s leading thinkers and practitioners of environmental and social innovation and expects more than 500   attendees from 28 countries. Sustainability is an integral part of BASF and core element of the corporate purpose “We create chemistry for a sustainable future.”

Saori Dubourg, president of BASF’s Nutrition & Health division, will give a keynote speech in a plenary session on “Using Your Value Network to Bring Innovation to Life” on November 19 at 11 am. She will outline BASF’s purpose for the area of nutrition. “With a future population of 9 billion people on earth, 4 billion of them coming from developing countries, the nutrition and health industry meets serious challenges: To provide good and affordable food for everyone and to save resources and costs, collaborations along the value chain become more and more important,” Dubourg explains. “Creating more with less – simply put: efficiency is a crucial lever for more sustainability.”

Customers of the food industry, for example, benefit from close collaborations among BASF's agricultural experts, feed and food ingredient specialists and packaging experts. BASF is also striving to establish open innovation and sustainable development within the value chain for a wide range of customers from different industries. “Chemistry is by tradition about innovation and can be a major growth driver for sustainable development,” states Saori Dubourg, who is also a member of the Corporate Sustainability Board of BASF.

More information about BASF’s corporate strategy and engagement in the food industry will be presented at several exhibits: Participants are invited to join an illustrative journey through different examples of applied sustainability in the foodstuffs industry and to examine a “mini laboratory” that allows fortified food producers and authorities to easily check the vitamin A content of foods. Fair trade coffee will also be offered, which is packed in biodegradable and compostable plastic capsules developed by BASF.